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Where is my photo challenge?

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2017 09:00AM PDT

To view challenges that you have joined or created, please visit your Challenges section within your profile.  Go to your profile page then click on "Challenges".  On the righthand side, there is a smaller menu where you can view open Challenges you're participating in, as well as Challenges you've created. 

Once you've created a Photo Challenge it will be visible in your profile under Challenges >> Created. Remember that not all Photo Challenges will be published in the main Challenges >> Explore area. Challenges must be approved by ViewBug staff.  

Criteria for getting your Photo Challenge approved include (but are not limited to):


Appealing themes - Challenges are a great opportunity for members to rally around a specific theme.  Be sure to make your Challenge (and it's title) reflective of an appealing theme that other photographers can participate in!

Complete challenges - Challenges need to have a clear and concise title that specifically states what the challenge is about. Challenges with your name, with obscure titles, etc will not be approved.    Challenges must also have a short blurb that reinforces the main theme of your challenge. Challenge blurbs cannot have hashtags, web links, etc. 

Quality of the banner/cover photos - The cover photo/banner is a key factor in the approval process.  The image must reflect the theme.  The image should be high-quality (resolution, vibrancy, clarity) and the subject should be prominent towards the center of the image.  

Cover photos should not have frames and other borders, instead the image should be end-to-end. 

Adult content images as cover photos will not be approved for the main ViewBug challenges page. 

Think of the cover photo in terms of a thumbnail, is the subject easily seen, is the image clear and crisp, does it clearly match the theme of the challenge, etc?

Keep in mind that the above details are all factors on whether a challenge is approved.  Please remember that not all Photo Challenges will be published in the main ViewBug Challenges >> Explore area.   

To keep your profile clean, you cannot view closed challenges (challenges not currently open for submissions or voting) within your profile >> challenges area.  The challenges are visible on the creator's profile >> challenges >> created page. 


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